Global leader of retractable tonneau covers for the world’s pickup trucks

Mountain Top is an industry leading supplier of retractable tonneau covers and other types of truck bed accessories. We design and develop genuine products for most of the global pickup manufacturers and are also serving the aftermarkets through dedicated distributors in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. For the North American market, we are now launching a series of all-aluminum retractable tonneau covers for the best-selling truck models. 

Look up your truck brand in below Product Configurator to see how good it looks with a Mountain Top tonneau cover on the bed. 

Mountain Top is about more than retractable covers. Visit our European website to see which other products we design and manufacture for pickup trucks all over the world. Some of these products will also be introduced to the North American market.

ford F-150

Chevrolet silverado*

toyota tundra

*This application also installs on the GMC Sierra

When deciding on which bed cover to include in our package designs, like this Minnesota Viking Signature Edition, we chose Mountain Top for its functionality and value for our customers. The quality of this product is right in line with this specialty build and will be the perfect touch for the savvy enthusiast’s buying these vehicles.


First! WOW! What an amazingly easy bedcover to install! I install lot of different ones for dealerships and this has been far the very BEST one I have ever done! Instructions were easy to understand and all the products used are top notch not cheap at all! Thank you for being the ones to actually make a cover do what it is suppose to do with out the headache of in a few weeks it start to deteriorate. I will be a life long customer and will definitely be showing this to all my customers and dealerships that I work with! Thank you again for such a great product!


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There’s no substitute for examining and experiencing our high-quality products first-hand. Our authorized dealers supply Mountain Top products at the same high quality we deliver to our original manufacturers – and we’re always adding new locations to get closer to our customers.


Our industry partners trust us to deliver high quality, well-designed, functional accessories that help them succeed in their pickup truck markets. To satisfy the high standards we live up to IATF certification.


At Mountain Top, we never stand still and admire the view. We’re always moving onwards and upwards, exploring new ways of doing things better. It’s a challenging and exciting journey!